Tsugumi Haraki
Comic Earth Star
Editorial Staff
原木 つぐみ
Tsugumi Haraki
CV: Moemi Otaka
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Yellow

Tsugumi Haraki (原木 つぐみ Haraki Tsugumi) is a main character of the Mangirl! manga and anime series. She is an editor of the Monthly Comic Earth Star staff. She loves sweets.


Tsugumi's character design

Tsugumi's character design

Tsugumi is short, tomboy-ish and flat-chested. She has fairly long, olive-brown hair that she keeps in a ponytail on the upper right back of her hair. She has golden-yellow eyes.

She wears a white shirt with blue horizontal stripes and a turquoise, zipped-up hoodie on top, with the hoodie down. She also wears rolled-up jean-shorts, yellow socks, and brown sneakers. Her company ID card hangs around her neck. Additionally, her ponytail is accessorized with a small, blue bow.

Tsugumi has a very big appetite, especially for sweets. Tsugumi is also a good friend and works with her three friends at Comic Earth Star.






  • In Phototypesetting Midnight, the font that Hana uses for Tsugumi is Happy-NB.
  • In the same episode, the onesie she is given is a cat.
  • She was lured into Comic Earth Star by Hana leaving a trail of food that leads to the office. Tsugumi stays because she is offered even more food.