This is Comic Earth Star's
Editorial Staff
Episode 1
Title This is Comic Earth Star's
Editorial Staff
Kanji こちらコミック アース・スター編集部
Romaji Kochira Komikku Āsu Sutā Henshū Bu
Air date January 3rd, 2013
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This is Comic Earth Star's Editorial Staff is the first episode of the Mangirl! anime series.


Hana lures three girls in to help her with her magazine, Comic Earth Star, using various methods.

After assembling the staff, Hana and Aki go through how they expect their magazine to profit, and end up with -600 yen. They decide that the magazine will be a big hit, so the money doesn't matter at the moment, and begin seeking out mangakas online to draw for them.

Characters in order of appearance Edit

  1. Hana Sasayama
  2. Aki Torii
  3. Tsugumi Haraki
  4. Ringo Nishijima


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