Shinobu Fujimori
Shinobu Fujimori
CV: Ai Kayano
Kanji 藤森 しのぶ
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Pink
Debut Episode 2

Shinobu Fujimori (藤森 しのぶ Fujimori Shinobu) is an aspiring manga artist, being the first serialized mangaka of Monthly Comic Earth Star.


Shinobu's character design

Shinobu's character design

She has long, wavy golden-brown hair, with wide magenta-pink eyes.

Her normal outfit is a light pink undershirt with a pink overcoat that has a small yellow ribbon, a beige skirt, and pink heels.


A very calm woman, Shinobu loves sweets and is a kind person when it come to friend. She's also very diligent and committed to providing art for the girls' manga. So much so, that a few episodes, she almost worked herself literally to death to finish the draft manga by the deadline.





"That sounds great!"

"Yes, I like that idea."



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