Ringo Nishijama
Comic Earth Star
Editorial Staff
西島 りんご
Ringo Nishijama
CV: Ayaka Ohashi
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Red

Ringo Nishijama (西島 りんご Nishijama Ringo) is a main character of the Mangirl! manga and anime series. She is an editor of the Monthly Comic Earth Star staff.


Ringo's character design

Ringo's character design

Ringo has a very girly appearance, having curly, golden-blonde hair, which reaches her back, and bright crimson-red eyes. She has a red rabbit-bow on the top of her head.

She wears a long, pink skirt with a blouse over it in the same color. The blouse has long sleeves and a red ribbon in the center. She wears her company ID card on the left bottom side of her blouse. She also wears white stockings and red shoes.


Ringo is very sweet and sensitive. Ringo is also the calmest and the wisest.






  • She has a stuffed animal named Mr. Bearcat.
  • Her font in Phototypesetting Midnight was Elegant Pro.
  • Her onesie was a bunny.


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