Phototypesetting Midnight
Episode 5
Title Phototypesetting Midnight
Kanji 写植ミッドナイト
Romaji Shashoku Middonaito
Air date January 31st, 2013
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Phototypesetting Midnight is the fifth episode of the Mangirl! anime series.


Aki teaches Tsugumi how to use appropriate fonts for different situations and resize the manga. As this happens, Hana gives all of the office members a font depending on their tone at the time. Meanwhile, Ringo and Hana get everyone onesies so that way they can work better.

After this, Sayuri Misono and Hikari Ayano enter the office. They intrroduce themselves as representatives from the anime department and help the girls finish the phototypesetting on time.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Ringo Nishijima
  2. Aki Torii
  3. Tsugumi Haraki
  4. Hana Sasayama
  5. Sayuri Misono
  6. Hikari Ayano


The team members are given onesie to help them worm.

  • Hana's onesie is a pig.
  • Tsugumi's onesie is a cat.
  • Aki's onesie is a dog.
  • Ringo's onesie is a bunny.

The members were also given fonts. Ringo labelled Hana, and Hana labelled everyone else.

  • Hana's font was Kyapi-N
  • Tsugumi's font was Happy-NB
  • Aki's font was Tankoin
  • Ringo's font was Elegant Pro

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