Perfect Day for a Gravure Shoot
Episode 3
Title Perfect Day for a Gravure Shoot
Kanji グラビア撮影日和
Romaji Gurabia Satsuei Hiyori
Air date January 17th, 2013
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Perfect Day for a Gravure Shoot is the third episode of the Mangirl! anime series.


Ringo, Aki and Tsugumi meet with Sakuradai Kiiro, the model for their photo shoot, whilst Hana has gone to the wrong meeting place, forgotten her phone and also left behind the business cards.

The shoot goes relatively smoothly, but Hana accidentally got in some of the photos. Luckily, Aki knows how to photoshop and fixes it.

The episode ends with Hana suggesting they add a photoshopped nude of her, but the rest of the team quickly reject her idea.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Hana Sasayama
  2. Ringo Nishijima
  3. Aki Torii
  4. Tsugumi Haraki
  5. Kiiro Sakuradai