Infinite Proofreading
Episode 6
Title Infinite Proofreading
Kanji 無限の校正
Romaji Mugen no Kōsei
Air date February 7th, 2013
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Infinite Proofreading is the sixth episode of the Mangirl! anime series.


The girls have issues with proofreading, but manage to solve their problems with ramen. They make the deadline on time and manage to get their first magazine on sale.

The girls later see a stand with their magazine on it and manage to catch a boy laughing as he reads it, obviously enjoying the work.

The manga ended up being relatively successful. They do, however, see that they forgot to edit Hana's face out of one of the pictures that she accidentally got in with the photoshoot, but dismiss it as they're proud of their first issue. The girls decide to continue working hard so that they can always see smiling faces like the boy from earlier.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit






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