Assistant Girls
Episode 4
Title Assistant Girls
Kanji あしすたんとの嬢
Romaji Ashisutanto no jō
Air date January 24th, 2013
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Assistant Girls is the fourth episode of the Mangirl! anime series.


Shinobu-sensei, the chosen mangaka, is furiously rushing to get the manuscript done before the deadline comes (even though the girls offered to extend it) and it is rapidly approaching (She declined). Unfortunately, her assistant is off sick. The girls hear of this and come to Shinobu's aid.

There is a lot of garbage that has piled up in the day, and Shinobu has to eat the donuts that the girls gave her as a present since she hasn't eaten with nobody to cook for her. Aki is being the art assistant for she used to learn about and draw manga.

After the manuscript is completed, the girls get the sushi they ordered earlier and celebrate, ending the episode.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Ringo Nishijima
  2. Hana Sasayama
  3. Tsugumi Haraki
  4. Aki Torii
  5. Shinobu Fujimori